How to Ace a Virtual Interview

Posted on March 2020

During the Covid-19 epidemic, more companies in Germany are including video job interviews as part of their hiring process. Live or pre-recorded video interviews are easier and less expensive for both the hiring manager and the candidate, with the opportunity to review your answers and not just rely on notes taken during an in-person interview.

“The good and bad of a crisis should be used to get away from the long lasting hiring processes towards a lean one with a quick chat—more like a match on Tinder to evaluate if there is a good fit,” says Cologne-based Customer Experience CI, Thorsten H. “Doing this via a quick video or phone interview can be part of a solution.

If you have a video job interview around the corner, it is a great idea to put some time into preparing your webcam set-up, testing your technology and practicing your body language, alongside focusing on your answers. Though video interviews are quicker and simpler than in-person interviews, there is still the issue of possible technical glitches and those who are camera shy struggling to ‘perform’.

This guide runs through all the practicalities you need to cover when preparing for a job interview. From choosing your location, testing your technology, ensuring you appear professional and confident, and what to do if something goes wrong. We have also included a useful checklist of everything to cover before and during your video job interview.