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OPEX: Riding the Supply Chain Wave with DSJ Global's Insights

Posted on August 2023

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In an era where efficiency and operational excellence are more than just buzzwords, understanding the nuances of talent dynamics in the supply chain becomes crucial. Anna Morris, the Principal Consultant of Operations & Operational Excellence at DSJ Global, shares her invaluable insights on the evolving trends that are impacting both talent and employers in the realm of Supply Chain.

OPEX: More than a Tool, It's a Mindset

OPEX candidates are not just looking for a job – they're on a mission to revolutionize processes,” says Morris. “The agility offered by today's business environments, with rapidly changing demands and swift technological advancements, is particularly appealing to them.”

The candidates in Anna's expansive network view Operational Excellence (OPEX) not just as a method or tool but as a mindset. This profound perception helps them channel their efforts towards creating impactful transformations.

“When OPEX candidates think of a job switch, it's not just about the role or the pay. It's about how they can make a significant impact on a business,” Anna points out.

Riding the Wave of Automotive Evolution

Another intriguing insight from Morris is the growing inclination of OPEX experts towards the automotive sector, especially in areas of autonomous driving and battery research & development. “The deep-rooted legacy of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in traditional automotive firms seems to be a magnet for these experts. They are keen on leveraging their skills in the burgeoning autonomous and electric vehicle sectors,” she shares.

Given the rapid advancements in eMobility, punctuated by an ever-expanding charging infrastructure and enticing electric vehicle incentives, Anna sees this as a realm ripe with opportunities. “With eMobility sales witnessing a skyrocketing trajectory each quarter, I can't emphasize enough the importance for my clients to hire top-tier OPEX talent. Investing in such talent now will enable businesses to ride the wave of continuous improvement, rather than playing catch-up later,” advises Morris.

Working with DSJ Global

The landscape of Supply Chain is evolving, and so are the dynamics of talent within it. With experts like Anna Morris, employers can navigate with enhanced clarity.

Choosing to collaborate with DSJ Global offers three key benefits:

  • Expertise: DSJ Global’s vast experience ensures that they understand the nuances of the supply chain sector deeply.

  • Network: A rich talent pool ensures that employers find the right fit for their unique needs.

  • Future-Oriented: DSJ Global is not just about filling vacancies. They provide insights, trends, and guidance to ensure businesses are always ahead in the game.

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