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Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interview

Posted on March 2020

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In these challenging times, we have been reminded of how crucial the world’s supply chains are. More than ever, German organizations need to fill business-critical roles to deliver food, resources and medicines on time to the general public.

“We hire business critical roles, which without a company cannot function, so they need to be ready for when business picks up again. It’s about altering your process rather than stopping it,” advises Christophe Liese, Partnership Program Manager at DSJ Global, Europe. “Be prepared to make an offer via Skype. Candidates can still work through their notice period after the offer has been made, that way the recruitment process doesn’t have to slow down.”

While some German organizations are slowing down their hiring processes in end-to-end supply chain, this is an opportune moment to use video conferencing to get ahead of the competition and secure business-critical talent.

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