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How to Successfully Onboard a New Employee

Posted on November 2019

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Creating a successful employee onboarding process within the German procurement and supply chain sector is essential for aligning expectations and acclimating new hires into both your processes and workflows and within your corporate culture.  

To ensure happy and retained employees, the onboarding process needs to evolve beyond a simple hiring checklist on the first day and setting up an email account. For new employees to feel comfortable and productive in their new role, onboarding needs to be a longer process incorporating long-term goals which can last up to a year.   

This resource will help you cover exactly what is needed from a thorough and successful onboarding process. It will help you cover what needs to be done on an employees’ first day, week and month in your company, and how to prepare for their first day to make sure first impressions are the best they can be.  

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