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How to Reject a Candidate and Gain a Brand Advocate

Posted on November 2019

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It is easy to build up a toxic reputation as a bad employer, and word can spread in a close-knit sector such as the German procurement and supply chain industry. A source of damage to your employer brand can be through job candidates who were rejected in a lazy or unprofessional manner, or didn’t hear from your company at all after a long recruitment process.   

There really is no ‘good’ way to reject a candidate without hurting feelings and creating disappointment, but there are ‘best’ ways which can provide the rejected candidate with useful feedback and create a positive candidate experience, even for those who don’t quite make the grade.  

Follow this guide on how to reject a job candidate to help maintain your employer brand, keep the candidate in your passive talent pool for future hires, and even gain a brand advocate in the process. 

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