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How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

Posted on November 2019

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The Logistics Performance Index, put together by The World Bank, ranks Germany as the best performing country on logistics compared to the global sector. This considers every aspect of the supply chain, from reliability of shipments to efficiency of border clearance.   

This brilliant performance is reflected through a skilled labour force that consistently achieves results and are in high demand by your competitors. Many German supply chain workers will be able to consider many options when looking for a new position.  

Once you have found the right candidate for your vacancy, it is time to make the perfect job offer - and fast! While it is great to be the bearer of good news, hiring managers in the supply chain sector also need to follow procedures to make sure they seal the deal and get a fast acceptance.   

This article outlines how to make the perfect job offer before your competitor does. From speeding up the recruitment cycle to make sure the offer is made quickly, to handling counteroffers from your ideal candidate; following these best practices will ensure an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ from your candidate.   

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