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How to Help a New Employee Relocate

Posted on November 2019

A woman is having a video conference

When hiring within the competitive procurement and supply chain sector in Germany, you may find yourself looking beyond what the local talent pool has to offer to keep your company ahead of the curve and finding valuable employees with well developed and in-demand skill sets.   

To attract these employees, you will need to put together an attractive employee relocation package. This should include practical advice on the local housing market, average home and apartment costs, and tips about which city neighbourhoods will suit the demographic the employee falls under. An employee with a young family are likely to choose a different neighbourhood to a young professional who is looking for a thriving social scene.  

All of this will be invaluable advice to your new employee, and will help ease stress before starting their new role. Follow this guide on how to put together an attractive employee relocation package which will guarantee a smooth transition into a new and challenging role.

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