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How to Deal with a Toxic Employee

Posted on November 2019

Two men in discussion, a woman is having a headache

The difference between a difficult employee and a toxic one is that a toxic worker is likely to spread their behaviour to others within your team. Gossip, bullying and other toxic behaviours will lead to a frustrated, unmotivated and unproductive team.   

Leaders in the German procurement and supply chain sector need to ensure their teams are running as smoothly as the chain itself, and success will only come through collaboration and a positive approach. If you have seen your team struggling with constant negativity from a toxic individual, you will need to approach the problem directly.   

This resource will help you identify and cure the problem of a toxic employee. It is often the case that the employee is not aware of the effects of their behaviour, and this guide provides an approach which is constructive and empathetic.  

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