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How to Find Out Your Co-Worker's Salary

Posted on November 2019

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According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, which ranks countries on elements of supply chain performance, Germany is the highest performing country for logistics. This will be due to its skilled and high skilled workforce.  

This is reflected through generous salaries. The average salary for a Supply Chain Manager in Germany is €65,000, according to  

If you are feeling underpaid and underappreciated compared to your peers within your company, it may be a good time to research the salaries of others within your role and skill set, to ensure you have reached your full earning potential.   

Asking co-workers directly about their earnings is usually a big faux pas, but there are ways to find out your colleagues' salary without looking unprofessional. This article covers the methods you can use and relationships you can build to help determine your value compared to others in the sector.   

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